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Enzymes in the new territory

Through the group of enzymes, inactivated alkenes have been transformed into four stereoisomers of cyclopropane. According to Chemistry World, it is reportedly the first example of biocatalytic reaction, which does not appear in nature. Biocatalysts set may serve as the starting point for cyclopropanated products’ green synthesis, say the researchers. This includes insecticide products and a number of quinolone antibiotics.

Moreover, to use enzymes to obtain valuable small molecules’ synthesis may be useful, especially during the process of manufacturing. One issue is how the enzymes catalyze a close range of reactions. Frances Arnold, the man who leads a group from California Institute of Technology revealed how they can import some transformations that have been developed using a small molecule organic or organ metallic catalysts to the biological world.

Furthermore, Arnold and his team screened a range of engineered and natural and haem binding proteins, which are known as iron-porphyrins. The report added that the focus of these projects is on the use of activated styrenyl olefin.

Hans Ronata of the Scripps Research Institute, US commented, “There have been some developments of reacting with aliphatic olefins, but they often necessitate switching the metal within the cofactor from iron to other alternatives, rendering the process not fully genetically-encoded. This work is novel because Arnold and co-workers showed that by mining the natural diversity of haem-containing proteins, they can identify new biocatalysts for the cyclopropanation of non-styrenyl alkenes without any need for switching the identity of the metal.”

In the end, Ronata pointed out how “The turnover numbers achieved are impressive but might not be high enough yet for practical use in process manufacturing settings. But further engineering of the enzymes can solve this issue – it’s just a matter of time.” Papa Murphy’s customer satisfaction survey is what matters to us.