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Three Steps Followed By Multinational Farming Corporations When Trying to Enter New Territories

The nature of the work carried out by multinational farming corporations is such that they (the corporations) are always on the lookout for new territories. Having identified new territories where they can take their work, the multinational farming corporations tend to follow three steps. Those are, in other words, the three steps that are normally followed by multinational farming corporations when trying to enter new territories.

The first step is the one where the multinational farming corporations make deals with the political leadership in the new territories (the territories they happen to be trying to enter). The goal here is usually to get the political leaderships to ‘pave way’ for the multinational farming corporations.

The second step is the one where the multinational farming corporations make deals with the people who happen to be living in the territories that they are interested in. The idea is to get the people to support their enterprises, and more critically, to get the people to vacate their land so that the multinational corporations can take possession of it.

The third step is the one where the multinational farming corporations actually take possession of the new territories. This is usually just a matter of bringing in their equipment and personnel, in order to start the farming work. In this context, farming is just a business: done along the same lines as, say, the manufacture of the best headphones under 200 or the manufacture and sale of headphones for women. In other words, the multinational farming corporations view agriculture along the same lines as any other type of business.

How Human Beings Mark Out Their Territories

It is often said that human beings are social animals. It is also said that human beings are territorial in nature. Consequently, human beings tend to go to great lengths, in marking out territories that they consider to be theirs.

One way in which human beings mark out their territories is by setting up physical border markers, delineating the limits of the territories they consider to be theirs.

Another way in which human beings mark out their territories is by establishing economic activities in those territories (so that new people coming can see that the territories are already occupied).

Human beings also mark out their territories by putting their allies in those territories.

Yet another way in which human beings mark out their territories is by simply putting their stuff in those territories. Take, for instance, someone who has just rented out a living space, but is yet to move in. Such a person may promptly start trying to identify which vacuum is best for me. And having figured out what the right machine is, he or she may proceed to shop for the top-rated upright vacuum cleaners under $200. The goal, in doing all this, would be to ensure that he or she leaves a vacuum cleaner in a prominent place on the floor of the new apartment. Then, someone else coming to check out the apartment would have a reason to know (or at least to strongly suspect) that the apartment already has someone, on account of seeing the vacuum cleaner there. So, the person who bought the vacuum would essentially have used it to mark out the apartment in question as his or her ‘territory’.

Understanding the Two Major Phases in Military Conquest of New Territories

Military conquest of new geographical territories can be visualized as being a process which has two major phases.

The first phase in the military conquest of new territories is the one where a military presence is established. This means having ‘boots on the ground’ – which is the reason why infantry units will always be invaluable to military forces. If there were other authorities reigning over the newly conquered territories, then they have to be either gotten rid of or fully pacified, for a successful conquest to be said to have taken place.

The second phase in the military conquest of new territories is the one where the hearts and minds of the people in the territories are won over. This is critical, because in the long run, maintaining a conquering/occupying force can be unsustainable. The hearts and minds of the populations need to be won, up to a level where the people submit themselves voluntarily to the new conquerors.

For more precise narratives of how these sorts of conquests are done, one needs to study military science. If you are eligible, you’d probably need to join the military academy of your country, to get a proper military science education. When the military academy announces openings, you can go to, say, the login or to the email login page, and using your SBCGlobal email account, make an application to the military academy. If you are in the United States, the relevant school, where you can study military science is West Point. There, you not only study about conquering territories, but also lots of other subjects that can be of great to you in your entire lifetime.